PRODML / PROVE Production Standards

PRODML / PROVE Production Standards

This section includes standards for optimizing producing oil and gas wells, with a focus from the reservoir-wellbore boundary to the custody transfer point.


The current inventory of PRODML standards capabilities includes: production optimization, production reporting, production fiber optic distributed temperature survey (DTS) use, and the production lab results/fluid properties use.


For more information on E&P processes, see Energistics’ E&P Business Reference Model.

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Energistics supports the PRODML Special Interest Group (SIG).  The PRODML SIG supports use and adoption, and helps define future direction of the PRODML standards.

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PROVE is an application that uses an innovative approach to workflow and PRODML standards to provide a SharePoint hosted platform for the validation of well tests and similar surveillance activities.  The system has been developed by Petrotechnical Data Systems in collaboration with Shell’s Smart Fields team and Shell’s operating company in Oman.  This video describes the underlying Production Enterprise™ platform, the architecture of the application and the benefits derived from using the PRODML standards.


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