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Monitor &

Real-time data streaming supports drilling automation, moving decision roles to centralized facilities for increased safety, lower costs and more eyes on the data.


Preserve data integrity during collection to ensure that business-critical data analysis and processing always uses trustworthy data.


The upstream industry is rapidly transitioning to digital; industry-sourced data standards play a  critical role in the success of this endeavor.



WITSML drilling and wellsite data standard, includes all the downhole data, MWD / LWD, mud logging, perforation, fracing and other stimulation data for a comprehensive oversight of drilling operations in real time.

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PRODML production and data standard, covers all the data needed to report production volumes as well as numerous parameters and sensor positions.

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RESQML reservoir and structural interpretation data standard, allows for the comprehensive transfer between applications of a reservoir model, geocellular model, properties and structural information.  It can transfer the whole data, or incremental modifications.

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Oil & Gas Operators

Modern E&P requires operators to work with a wide variety of partners and providers; our data exchange standards drive greater efficiency, as well as an easier implementation of remote operations and automation.  The open environment that standards foster makes it easier to bring onboard new innovative technologies. 

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Technology & Services

The advent of the digital oilfield brings with it the need for vendors to work together on a customer-focused solution. Standards facilitate the reliable flow of data across many systems, minimizing headaches and accelerating deployment.

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Regulating Agencies

Data standards greatly simplify the collection of the technical data that is mandated by government bodies.  The data is needed to support the exploration, development and production of a country’s hydrocarbon assets.  Standards also support the subsequent tasks related to archiving the data and making it available.

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